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August 2015

Delicious old school diners you need to visit

4 years ago No comments

There's nothing like a good, traditional, old school diner. The bar stools, the neon lights and the greasy food -- we love it all. Next time you're cruisin' around in your hot rod, give one of our favorite joints a try:

Best surf vans old and new

4 years ago No comments

Surf vans are as timeless as surfing itself. Some are better than others, but just about anything cube-shaped with wheels typically works. Take a look at our favorite surf-mobiles that can easily double as a home away from home.

Western old time photos from the headquarters of Laid-Back

4 years ago No comments

Laid-Back USA's world headquarters reside in the beautiful, quiet mountain town of Victor, Idaho. We found some classic western old time photos in the archives that are definitely worth taking a gander at. Have a look!

Those were the days: Vintage Laid-Back lifestyle

4 years ago 1 comment

We've been combing through some of our old videos, checking out car shows and classic rides from days gone by. Since it's throwback Thursday, we dusted off one of our favorites. Check out this nostalgic video of our hot rod Woodie! It's been a symbol of Laid-Back since way back...

Top 12 Coolest Classic Car Emblems

4 years ago No comments

When we're cruisin' around car shows, we are always captivated by the unique classic car emblems out there. Some of them are downright works of art as far as we're concerned. Check out a few of our favorites. Can you guess what vintage rides these belong to?

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 - Laid Back style

4 years ago No comments

We had an incredible time at this year's Hot Rod Power Tour, getting together with all of our buddies and kicking back with stories and suds. Throughout the tour we got some great footage! Check out some of our favorite moments, and Laid-Back's new GMC COE -- the perfect compliment for our gasser Woodie.

Honoring a fallen friend at the Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial Race

4 years ago No comments

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of participating in the 2nd Annual Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial race...

How an old Woodie car became an icon

4 years ago No comments

It’s no secret that we have an addiction to the Ford Woodie. We have a few of ‘em, and if you’ve ever come across one of us on the Hot Rod Power Tour, in our hometown of Victor, Idaho, or on a remote backroad in the middle of nowhere, then you know these iconic cars are our mascots. For us, they are the embodiment of Laid-Back, with their classic car, old school vibe.