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Best surf vans old and new

Best surf vans old and new
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Surf vans are as timeless as surfing itself. Some are better than others, but just about anything cube-shaped with wheels typically works. Take a look at our favorite surf-mobiles that can easily double as a home away from home.

1. Vintage Econoline

best surf vans vintage econoline

Any Econoline is the right choice for a surf van, doesn't matter what year you buy -- you'll be getting a friend that will run forever and basically contain all of your stuff in its windowless square shell. We love the old Econolines from the '60s for their unique, pug-nosed front end, but regardless of whether you're cruisin' in a vintage Econoline or a newer E-series, these things are legit.

2. Classic Volkswagen Bus

best surf vans vintage volkswagen bus

There are countless variations of this old classic, because you really can't go wrong with a Volkswagen bus. It's rare to find one anymore that can survive a long trip, which is why we also recommend the Volkswagen Vanagon. Made in the '80s, you can still find 'em running like champs, and the pop-up top is worth the upkeep. But when it comes to style and Laid-Back attitude, the old bus is in a class of its own.

3. Sportsmobile

best surf vans sportsmobile

This rig is for the surf bum with a huge wallet, since the average Sportsmobile starts at $70k and can easily get to $90k with additional options. We can dream though, can't we? These beasts can do anything. With 4WD, a 6.8L V-10 engine and an interior that'll make you feel downright spoiled, these vehicles take the dirt out of dirt bagging.

4. Sprinter Van

Best surf vans sprinter van

A little lighter on the bank account, the fully customizable Sprinter has been a popular choice for surfers looking for a modern, savvy approach. These vans get great gas mileage, are dependable and roomy without feeling bulky. These useful chariots might score low on style points, but make up for it with functionality.

5. The Converted

best surf vans conversion

Any van makes a great beach van, to be honest. Just take an old Chevy, Ford, Dodge, what-have-you, rip out the insides and convert it into your own mobile masterpiece. (Extra points for airbrushed scenes painted on the exterior.) Pretty much, if it runs and holds surfboards, it'll do. Just make sure there's a cooler full of beer in there somewhere.

Best Surf vans bus

Have you restored an old van to its former glory? Send us your pics!