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Delicious old school diners you need to visit

Delicious old school diners you need to visit
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There's nothing like a good, traditional, old school diner. The bar stools, the neon lights and the greasy food -- we love it all. Next time you're cruisin' around in your hot rod, give one of our favorite joints a try:

1. Beechwold Diner — Columbus, OH

Delicious old school diners Beechwold Diner

For friendly service and fresh food made from scratch, try the Beechwold Diner in Columbus, Ohio. Get a seat at the counter and order one of Beeachwold’s famous cinnamon rolls. They’re the real deal! (photo from BeechwoldDiner/Facebook)

2. Folk Art — Atlanta, GA

Delicious old school diners Folk Art

An all-day diner that has perfected popular menu items like chicken-and-waffles, biscuits-and-gravy, and eggs the way you like them, stop at Folk Art. This place is packed on Sunday brunch for a reason, and features old school Americana decor. (photo from FolkArt/Facebook)

3. Welcome Diner — Phoenix, AZ

Delicious old school diners Welcome Diner

Located in downtown Phoenix, Welcome Diner features fresh, local food with that homemade feel. The diner itself was relocated from its former home on Route 66, and still exudes that old school vibe. Regulars swear by the fried green tomato sandwich. (photo from WelcomeDiner/Facebook)

4. The Dor-Stop Restaurant — Pittsburgh, PA

Delicious old school diners Dor-Stop Restaurant

This place is known for its killer pancakes, and has even been mentioned by Guy Fieri on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” One Yelp reviewer claimed the hot cakes were “utterly fantastic, with a pleasing denseness but with just enough air in them to keep them from being chewy.” (photo from DorStopRestaurant/Facebook)

5. Duly’s Place — Detroit, MI

Delicious old school diners Duly's Place

Got a craving for an authentic coney? For the best hot dogs anywhere, try Duly’s Place in Detroit. This diner has been around forever, since 1921 to be specific. Steamed and slathered with sweet onions, chili and mustard, Duly’s dogs will show you how the best coneys are made. (photo from Yelp)

6. Fuller’s Coffee Shop — Portland, OR

Delicious old school diners Fuller's Coffee Shop

Like any traditional lunch counter, Fuller’s Coffee Shop serves up quick, efficient, homemade deliciousness. Located in the Portland’s Pearl District, this old school diner offers a quaint feel and the best chicken fried steak this side of the Mississippi. (photo from Yelp)

7. 11th Street Diner — Miami Beach, FL

Delicious old school diners 11th street diner

Now this is our kind of diner. It's open 24 hours, serving up french fried french toast, Kentucky bread pudding and coffee all day (and all night) long. Complete with that neon/1950s/Miami feel, you’ll feel right at home. (photo from 11thStreetDiner/Facebook)

8. Casamento’s Restaurant — New Orleans, LA

Delicious old school diners Casamento's

Casamento’s has been around since 1919, and has been making its acclaimed oyster bread loaves ever since. Whether you’re looking for oysters or their highly regarded seafood gumbo, you’ve found the right place. (photo from casamentorestaurant.com)

9. The Apple Pan — Los Angeles, CA

Delicious old school diners The Apple Pan

Called “food paradise” by the Travel Channel, The Apple Pan is a must-do if you’re in the L.A. area. Order the steak burger with a slice of apple pie for dessert to experience heaven. The Apple Pan has been in business since 1947, and we hope they never change a thing. (photo from Yelp)

10. Skyline Chili — Cincinnati, OH

Delicious old school diners Skyline Chili

Find the best chili mac at this Cincinnati diner and you’ll never think of chili the same way ever again. It’s not exactly old school and hosts several locations, but every Cincinnati local knows this place and loves it. As one Yelp reviewer raved, “Get in your car now. Just go.” (photo from skylinechili.com)

Tell us about your favorite old school diner!