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Honoring a fallen friend at the Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial Race

Honoring a fallen friend at the Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial Race
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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of participating in the 2nd Annual Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial race. This yearly event is held to honor “Big Tim” Lewis, who died last year when he was pinned by a car he had been working on. Tim was well known for racing, and was in his early 60’s when he passed away.

The event was held at the Route 45 Raceway in Flora, Illinois on the last weekend of July. Last year’s inaugural race featured a winner’s pot of $2,021, since Tim’s race car number was 21. At this year’s race, the pot reached $5,021 and a few dozen cars and drivers participated.

Our friend Daniel Heck put some new springs in the Laid-Back COE and joined the line-up. Waiving an American flag, he followed Tim’s sons, who both still race and led the parade of cars. We were happy to have the chance to be a part of this event, and more than willing to take the COE out for a spin.

Tim Lewis Sr. Memorial Race_1

If you didn’t get the chance to show up at this years race, make sure to join us next year! Planners intend on continuing the event, in an effort to raise money for Tim’s family while honoring him and future racers. It’s a great opportunity to help a fallen friend and make some new ones at this Illinois dirt track.

Special thanks to joshjamesartwork.com for the photos!