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Hat size

Nice hat although fits alitty tight for a large xlarge. I thought it would be a little loser. Thanks, Ted

Vintage plate

Looks great ..embossed .. A++++ item …pleasure to do business with…

Thank you for your high praise and kind review Jay. We've heard sometimes that 5th star just isn't attainalble...


Love this shirt, the fabric weight, the fit and the graphics! Thank you!

Thank you Wood, we hope you enjoy the heck out of your new favorite shirt!

Foundry 67 C10 T-Shirt
Joaquin Muniz
Hi wrong description

Hi it looks like the 67 Foundry t-shirt has 68 C10

Looks like you're right, but we're not alone because GM also missed it during licensing! Good eye Joaquin

Old Ford Car & Truck Banner

Extremely professional wall art banner. I have had and still own several of these vehicles on the banner. I have the banner displayed on the shop wall along with other Laid Back wall art signs and banners and I always receive highly positive comments from the customers. This Ford banner really reminds me of my younger days.

Thanks for your positive feedback Ron! We're glad we can help you throw-back with some mental day trips

Mustang Dream Garage

Very professional wall art sign that shows the Mustangs in great decal. Have the metal sign hanging in the shop area and I receive positive comments about the sign. Have several of the Laid Back signs displayed on the shop walls. Takes me back to my younger days.

We love reading your enthusiastic review and know you'll enjoy many years of Pony Car inspired daydreams. Thanks Ron!

Laid back hat

I love my hat,fits well and fits my personality, thanks

Welcome to Laid-Back, Jeff, we're so glad you're with us!

Great Products

I have been buying shirts from Laid Back for years now. Their products are high quality at an excellent price point. The graphics hold up extremely well and are vivid. Very happy with these shirts!!

Awesome review DAT - thanks so much for your feedback and endorsement!

Tee shirt

I love it looking forward to buying more tee shirts

We dig your enthusiasm Kirk, thanks for your kind review!

LB Logo White Decal 7” Die Cut Sticker

Thank you for your five star rating Bill!

Alpha Route 66 T-Shirt
Jennifer DeVille
Great customer service!

Fantastic quality and unique design! My parents loved it as a gift, and customer service was fantastic!

Thank you for your feedback Jennifer!

Great shirt and great design.
Can you bring back the laid back car club tshirt in blue?

Thank you for your review! Oh man we love those old graphic tees, but don't put it in reverse very often with our artists developing so many cool new designs.

Again...great shirt quality and a great design front and back.
It's great that your designing early Chevy II t's.

Thanks for sharing your experience Fermino!


Great shirt and great design.
How about doing a 1966 chevyII SS

Thanks Fermino! Stay tuned we've been working on some box Nova stuff lately...


nice shirt just like all the other one I own..

You're one chill dude Jerry, thanks for your review!

Spark Rider T-Shirt
randy douglas
So Cool!

The Spark Rider T-Shirt is the first Design I had to buy, I thing I bought 3 of them at a car show in Portland Oregon, They are soft to wear and necks hold up. So Cool! Thanks

Stay tuned Douglas, we heard there may be a long sleeve version coming soon Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and product review!

Randy D

I have been buying these shirts for about 7 years, I love the Designs you guys come up with, the Boxcar is my new favorite. thank you!

We're glad you're with us Randy, and thanks for sharing your Laid-Back stoke!

Laid Back Palm tree sticker

Just received my sick Palm Star Laid Back sticker for my 1989 Jeep Sahara and its perfect. It’s got the Reggae colors and the palm tree and it looks awesome on my California Jeep!

Yes! Thank you for your review Alvero

Razor Bronco 66-68 t-shirt

Love the retro t-shirt. I purchased the t-shirt to relax in, and that's how 'Laid Back' products work for me - it's why I shop 'Laid Back'.

Now that's the stuff Patrick, keep on living your best Laid-Back life!

Picture looks like my lab Gunner

I bought the shirt for my husband's valentines present. He lloved it. The picture on it looks like it could be our lab Gunner. Gunner is his hunting partner. Great shirt.

We love your feedback Carol, thanks for sharing! Your husband sounds like a lucky man.

Great sign!

I love my new sign! It's totally awesome!

Thank you for sharing your experience, we're glad to stoke you!

Awesome! Love it!

Love these fun designs! Nice feel! Great message as well -- day trips are INDEED better than day dreams.

Thanks for your feedback and positive vibes!


nice t shirt I have 20 shirts that all I wear most of the time.

Thanks for your review Jerry, t-shirts make the world go round!

Spark rider t-shirt is my favorite, i must have at least 8 of them. i always but one extra to give away as a gift.

Good work sharing the stoke and proving not all addictions are bad!

Reminds me of going to the races with my grandfather. Thank you!

Total daydream fuel! Your grandfather sounds like a very cool guy, thank you for sharing.