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The Laid-Back Story

"Laid-Back is all about where you want to be, where you have been, and where you dream of going."

From Corporate to Cool T-Shirts

In 2002, we ditched corporate life, sold everything and moved to Victor, Idaho, to buy High Range Designs, a small screen-printing company that focused on resort T-shirts. At the time we thought, "How hard can it be? It's only t-shirts!" Fortunately our artist and new partner, Kory Bennington, lived far enough away to know that we had no idea what we were doing. After many prayers and discussions, together, we focused on learning and moving forward to improve and innovate. Our goal was to make the best resort T-shirts in the world!  

Novice to Industry Leader

The new company launched with world class artwork backed up with old school awesome customer service. Just treat our customers how we would like to be treated..plain and simple. We learned, we listened, and we broke new ground. Today we have 3,000+ customers throughout the world selling our shirts that were designed and printed right here in Idaho, USA!  

Laid-Back Living

In 2010, the Laid-Back USA idea was born. Initial response, excitement and feedback tell us we're on the right track. The official Laid-Back USA launched July 2011. Here, anyone can buy our super comfy tees with our custom themes to fit anyone's Laid-Back lifestyle!  We're stoked to share our passion and lifestyle with the world. Whether it's doing something, or a whole lot of nothing. It's all about the feeling you get from laying low, kicking-up your feet and just living life laid-back.

Thanks for visiting our new website! Take it easy, and until next time, stay Laid-Back!

-The Laid-Back Crew, May 2020

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