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2023 | Victor, ID

14th Annual Laid-Back Car Show

This year 100 vehicles registered for our 14th Annual Laid-Back Car Show! The display of passion and creativity were beyond our expectations. Contestants traveled from surrounding states and amazed us and hundreds of enthusiasts who weren't disappointed by the weather or the venue. Several hung around after the Show and cruised the mountain roads with us to wrap up the day's event.

2023 | Salinas, CA


Oh, what a thrill it was for the Laid-Back Racing Team as we embarked on a journey to the renowned Laguna Seca Raceway. The moment we stepped onto that hallowed ground, it felt like a dream come true. The roaring engines, the smell of burning fuel, and the electrifying atmosphere sent our adrenaline soaring.

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Throughout our travels, we are always making sure to bring the goods. Thats why, no matter what event we are at, we always try to make sure our Laid-Back retail trailer is in tow. From C-10 to GoodGuys, to Scottsdale, we are always bringing the vibe and enjoying our fans company!

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