1949 Woodie Wagon #2 
We picked this old girl up in southern Illinois back in 2011. She hadn’t run since 1968 and we wanted to bring her back to life.  Fortunately it was painted with house paint back in the day and it preserved all the wood. We completely gutted it and started putting her back together with a 302 out of the 71 Bronco, AOD transmission and a Ford 9 inch rear end.  All we did was strip off the old house paint, add some stain and oil to the word, replaced the glass, interior wood, new carpet and seats and were off to Detroit Michigan formour 2!; HRPT.  We have now driven her on 3 Tours and covered 18 states.  
1949 Ford Woodie
Motor - Ford 302
Transmission - AOD 
Rear End - Ford 9 inch
Interior - Chevrolet Traverse 
Audio - Kicker...only the best