1951 Ford Woodie Wagon #1
“Can you imagine a rat rod Woodie?”  That’s how it started. We had the conversation and looked on eBay one time and there she was. (funny how God works ) We persuaded the seller to take it off eBay and we were heading north to Kelowna British Columbia Canada to pick up the sweet ride.  This old girl was pieced together from a few different Woodie’s.  She was still sporting the flathead V8...all 95 horsepower of it. Mechanical brakes, no power steering, mechanical fuel pump...she was simply old school but we were in love.  Three months later we loaded this old girl up and took her on our first Hot Rod power tour.  Yes...we were that ignorant.  Needless to say the vehicle struggled and we broke down.  But of course… There is always a positive in everything. We met some amazing people and fell in love with the classic car culture.  We returned the following year with the 51 (and the new 49 black Woodie) and had a great tour with no issues...in the 51. The 49 was another story.  
1951 Ford Woodie 
Motor-Flathead V8
Audio-Kicker...only the best